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Welcome to Uphoria, a Metaverse of unlimited Possibilities.
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Buy now $UPH on DXSale at $1.15 per token.
IDO will run until the 07.08 with a Soft Cap of 250 BNB and Hard Cap of 500 BNB.

Uphoria Contract Address :


Uphoria Contract Address :



The BETA version of our Metaverse is now online and available for download.  You can click the link below and download it to your PC. At the moment iOS isn’t supported. Once downloaded connect to our server &  join the metaverse to play / interact with others online.



Our Metaverse will be an ever expanding network of city assets, real estate, games and adventures, similar to the HBO* series WESTWORLD an all immersive virtual reality experience. With the use of UNREAL ENGINE graphics and assets we can expand and add many features and experiences to continually evolve and create new experiences economically for the community.

The creator economy is evolving at the speed of lightning currently it is paramount we stay up to day with the World Economic Forum and the Metaverse Standards Forum concepts and governances with regulators are currently being created for a roadmap to explain the structure of the generalized content creator economy, digital IP ownership rights, and how traditional businesses plan to expand yet protect their brands in the metaverse.

Digital Real estate will play a key role in the metaverse; With the quality of our graphics, the strength of our community and the design of hardware backed performing assets to begin selling in Q3 we will have physical backing to justify a strong evaluation of performing digital real estate.


By 2030 it is estimated the metaverse will be an eleven trillion dollar industry and may break the top 8 nations in GDP. We are taking such a giant leap forward in technology in such a short period of time all major sectors of the economy are beginning to acknowledge the need for their involvement despite what little has actually been developed in comparison to how great this will very soon one way become.

When dealing with emerging technologies it is important to have an understanding of the fundamentals of the tech, previous computational media expansion, and exposure to multiple industries to be able to hypothesis and predict what you think will be the most logical or most likely way these pieces will be put together.

Our team originally decided to build our architecture on the unreal engine platform. It is a living and always evolving graphics engine, it has had 25 plus years of development, and the stability plus support to make this next leap forward into virtual reality worlds and augmented/mixed reality economies.

One of the first things our team predicted correctly was there would in fact be a precedence for multi metaverse support, digital asset ownership cross platform rights, and compliance. This will be to our benefit as we have amassed a team who not only understand these needs but have the resources and experience to implement these. Quality Graphics/Virtual Experience, protection of IP rights to technology, and ability to gain membership to the larger networks will be key to our success.


ue design

Cutting edge designs are the future of the meta verse and Uphoria will be leading the way. With our platform you will be able to enter Uphoria on PC and Mac. We aim to give users a full immersion in to Uphoria.

BUY & sell

In Uphoria you will able to buy Real Estate in the Metaverse, very similar to real life. Buy, rent or lease you apartment to create passive income.


When you enter Uphoria you will engage with other users from around the world. Network with friends and even develop your own products and services over our platform.


Companies and Brands have the possibility to advertise on our billboards, but also to get their own stores & offices in the Metaverse.


Globally, there are about 2.9B gamers. In 2021 they  spent over $170B on games, a number estimated to grow to at least $200B by 2023. 

CEO Xander Garrison has taken on the role of Chief Technical Officer and Project Manager designing and delivering a state-of-the-art unreal engine battle royale experience similar to hit franchises such as Quake and Fortnite.

Users will be able to play battle royale shooting games with VR equipment and without in the Uphoria Metaverse.


Our team has commissioned limited edition NFT Uphoria Robots Collector NFT’s custom made by an elite artist which will be marketed and released to further support the community and gain interest to raise Capitol for continuing innovation.

Besides that, our team is currently working on the Citizens NFT which has multiple advantages for holders as access to special events and staking.


CEO Xander Garrison’s future ambitions include the development of the premiere metaverse sims racing  experience and community. This is a passion of his,  not only will his expertise and experience be displayed but the unmeasurable value of passion and heart will  be placed in this endeavor.


Everyone wants to escape reality here and there. Our Metaverse will be the ultimate place to be when it comes to entertainment. Users will be able to participate in unique events as comedy shows, fashion shows, concerts and more.  Artists and creators will have the possibility and opportunity to host their own virtual shows and concerts. In a virtual world everything you can imagine is possible.


Digital real estate is to the metaverse what real world-real estate is to the real world. You can think of it as buying land on another planet, where the rules of Earth no longer apply. Like buying land on the moon, there are still a limited number of parcels per platform, which creates scarcity and helps establish a more stable Metaverse. 

In Uphoria when you purchase virtual real estate, the land you buy can have various attributes. As In more realistic platforms, this is typically limited to the size of the lot and a unique location, which can be found on the world map. In sections of our metaverse that are more gaming-focused, it might also include additional attributes such as natural resources that can be mined and sold.

How can digital real estate be used?

Right now, businesses and real estate investors are testing the waters to see just how far they can push the limits of digital real estate, but there are many common use cases that have already developed.

For example, you might open a digital billboard business your virtual real estate, selling ad space to companies interested in testing the waters. Or, if you want to build something more interesting, you might create a shopping center where you can rent individual sections out to tenants to create passive income.

Business owners are also taking advantage of what is possible in the metaverse by creating digital twins of their company headquarters for meetings with staff or clients, expanding their company’s footprint by creating interactive experiences based on their branding, or sponsoring special events that appeal to their target audiences.

Many fashion brands have gotten very involved in the world of virtual apparel via the metaverse as well. They’re using their virtual real estate for selling unique clothing items for avatars, using non fungible tokens opening up a whole new revenue.


 We are currently working as members of the Metaverse Standard Forum in partnership to build the Metaverse together. Roadmap will be updated shortly.

The Metaverse Standards Forum brings together companies and standards organizations to foster alignment requirements and priorities for metaverse interoperability standards, and accelerate their development and deployment through pragmatic, action-based projects. Open to any organization at no cost, founding members include OxSenses, Adobe, Alibaba, Autodesk, Avataar, Blackshark.ai,Cesium, Daly Realism, Disguise, Epic Games, Huawei, IKEA,Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAR Cloud, Otoy, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Unity, VerseMaker, Wayfair, the World Wide Web and so on.




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